“Health is a state of body.  Wellness is a state of being.” J. Stanford

Welcome to White Magnolia Wellness – where science matters, wellness is the focus, and creating harmony and flow within ourselves is the goal.

At White Magnolia Wellness, we provide complementary health care medicine with a focus on the energetic field, otherwise known as the Biofield or aura while embracing eastern medicine practices and spirituality. Using various science-based modalities such as biofield scans, reiki, chakra clearing, spiritual clearing, sound therapy, biofield tuning forks and more, our complementary health care practitioners are dedicated to helping you enhance and embrace your personal health and wellness balance.

By improving intuition, bringing correction to environmental and internal disturbances of the biofield, and finding personal freedom within the constructs of personal enlightenment and awakening through energy work, corrective frequencies, vibrations and clearing of energy sources of the body otherwise known as chakras, we work alongside of your healing journey towards a more wholistic approach of your overall health and wellness.

In other words, we believe that true freedom in this world can be found in personal wellness and mindfulness – and while each of us might have a unique path towards that freedom, we are all deserving of a life that leaves us feeling fulfilled, balanced, and enlightened.

Your journey to personal wellness begins with a deep breath, a small step, and the belief that you are deserving of a life filled with wondrous things.