“Health is a state of body.  Wellness is a state of being.” J. Stanford

Welcome to White Magnolia Wellness – where science matters, wellness is the focus, and creating harmony and flow within ourselves is the goal.

At White Magnolia Wellness, we provide Biofield Practitioners dedicated to helping you enhance and embrace your personal health and wellness balance by improving intuition, disrupting environmental and internal disturbances, and finding personal freedom within the constructs of personal enlightenment and awakening. 

In other words, we believe that true freedom in this world can be found in personal wellness and mindfulness – and while each of us might have a unique path towards that freedom, we are all deserving of a life that leaves us feeling fulfilled, balanced, and enlightened.

Your journey to personal wellness begins with a deep breath, a small step, and the belief that you are deserving of a life filled with wondrous things.

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Santa Cruz Region Booking

This page is only for booking a Transformation session within the Santa Cruz area. *** Session dates for this area will be from July 22nd-24th ONLY*** Please book directly from this page for these dates for an appointment in the SANTA CRUZ Area. PLEASE NOTE* If you use the BOOK NOW BUTTON from the LANDING PAGE of this website you will be booking for the SACRAMENTO OFFICE, NOT SANTA CRUZ. Please book directly from the BOOK NOW BUTTON OF THIS PAGE or the link within the below description *

  • Date: 7/22/2022 09:00 AM - 7/24/2022 08:00 PM
  • Southern California Area: 6332 Hwy 9 ste b, Felton, CA 95018, USA (Map)

Our Mission
White Magnolia was founded with a humble, yet complex, mission at heart:  Help create meaningful pathways towards wellness for individuals experiencing life through the lens of discomfort and imbalance.

As Biofield Practitioners, we are committed to data-driven, science-backed, yet intuitive practices that allow our clients the opportunity to create lasting harmony, happiness, and enlightenment in their personal lives.

At our core, we are not solid entities, but rather energetic masses of atoms that are driven by personal frequencies and gravitational tendencies. Throughout the universe and beyond, an infinite number of bustling particles with specific energies flow in a rhythmic and carefully orchestrated ballet that drives every experience we encounter.

As Biofield Practitioners, we identify, harness, and help align these energies and frequencies in a mindful way that promotes a sense of well-being, alignment, and harmony. The team at White Magnolia believes in the comforting practice of active intuition, personal balance, and enhanced wellness through embracing both science and our internal divine connection to the world. Learn more about how our Biofield Practitioners can help you capture a life of harmony while embracing the personal freedom that can only come through true wellness – contact our team today!


BRINGING WMW TO YOU AND YOUR COMMUNITY IS ALWAYS POSSIBLE Wanting services from WMW but can't get to Sacramento? Do you have a group of people you know would benefit from our services? We want to help! Email us to see how we can make a visit to you and your community a reality. Here are some of the places we have traveled to bringing wellness and love: ~San Francisco, CA~ Oakland, CA~ Napa, CA~ Healdsburg, CA~ Santa Cruz, CA~ Santa Monica, CA~ Pacific Palisades, CA~ Hollywood, CA~ Redding, CA~ Tri-Valley (Pleasanton, Dublin, Livermore area), CA www.whitemagnoliawellness1@gmail.com


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