A powerful yet gentle purification, Holy Fire Reiki delivers restorative cleansing, and clarifying empowerment unlike anything you have ever experienced. This evolution of Reiki combines traditional practices with Holy Fire Reiki, empowering you to create meaningful and lasting change in your life by mending relationships, releasing worry, as well as quickly and deeply repairing past hurt, sadness, or trauma. With the ability to work constantly in your life, even when it is out of mind, Holy Fire Reiki helps aid in creating lasting and meaningful healthy changes and patterns in your life while reigniting your passion for living and bring you a renewed sense of optimism and wellness. When combined with Biofield Tuning Forks, singing bowls and Chakra Balancing designed to align the energy within yourself and the universe to optimize your personal growth, happiness, and progress, this service delivers quick, results-driven, and perspective-shifting change within your life almost immediately to body, soul and spirit. *** PLEASE NOTE *** This service is Spirit lead. Meaning, your session can be anywhere from one hour to two hours in total duration. This service fee is based on an hourly rate of $85 PER HOUR and a fraction of the hourly rate thereafter of the initial hour rate of $85. ***Travel rate of $125 an hour applies for this services outside of Sacramento office. ***

  • Category: Services
  • Duration: 01:50 Hours
  • Address: 1919 21st Street Suite 200 Sacramento, Ca 95811 (Map)

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