Experience the transformative power of Holy Fire Reiki, a gentle yet potent intuitive energy medicine session that will cleanse, empower, and illuminate your being like never before. This evolved form of Reiki merges ancient practices with the sacred energy of Holy Fire, granting you the ability to manifest profound and lasting changes in your life. By healing relationships, releasing worry, and deeply mending past wounds, this session swiftly brings relief from hurt, sadness, and trauma. Even when not at the forefront of your mind, Holy Fire Reiki continuously works within your life, fostering enduring and meaningful transformations while reigniting your zest for existence. It bestows upon you a renewed sense of optimism and well-being, inspiring a vibrant passion for life. When complemented by the harmonizing tones of Biofield Tuning Forks, resonant singing bowls, and Chakra Balancing techniques that align your energy with the universe, this extraordinary service facilitates rapid, tangible, and life-altering changes across your body, soul, and spirit. ****Please be aware that this intuitive led service may range in duration from one to two hours, and the fee is calculated on an hourly basis of $125 an hour. If the session extends beyond the initial hour, the fee will encompass both the first hour and any additional fractional hours required.

  • Category: Services
  • Duration: 01:50 Hours
  • Address: 1601 Railroad Avenue suite f, Livermore, CA, USA (Map)