Welcome to the world of Biofeedback Tuning, where harmony and balance are effortlessly restored within your body using the magical power of tuning forks. This incredible service is designed to be a delightful maintenance tool, perfect for those who have already experienced the wonders of The Transformation session (Holy Fire Reiki with Chakra Balancing or other transformative energetic practices). Believing in the power of keeping your energetic flow in tip-top shape, The Subtle Shift (Biofield Tuning) is the ideal way to achieve just that. With the gentle resonance of tuning forks, we work wonders to synchronize your body, soul, and spirit into perfect alignment. It's like a refreshing breeze sweeping through every fiber of your being! The best part is that Biofield Tuning is a quick and efficient process, a mere 30-minute session is all it takes to give your energy the boost it needs. We understand that you have a busy life and may not always have time for extensive services, so this maintenance tune-up is perfect to keep you feeling fabulous! No intuitive insight is given, but that's because we can trust in the natural power of the tuning forks to work their magic on your energy field. It's a symphony of harmony without the need for lengthy discussions. To make the most of this energetic bliss, it's recommend to have a session every three to four weeks, or simply as needed. After all, your energetic well-being is as unique as you are, and we want you to feel your best whenever you step into a sanctuary room of balance. So, if you're seeking an efficient and effective way to maintain your energetic equilibrium, Biofield Tuning with tuning forks is your ticket to a harmonious and vibrant life. Step into the flow of positive energy today!

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  • Duration: 00:45 Hours