This is a one of a kind soap bar that is made with a luxurious combined base of ground sesame seeds and goat milk for hydration and exfoliation with a power house blend of essential oils with your wellness in mind. This blend includes sesame seed oil for deep moisturizing and a powerful antioxidant that also brightens the skin. Magnolia oil that smells fantastic which is also antibacterial, while nourishing to the skin as well as anti-inflammatory and calming to the nerves. Squalane oil that is deeply moisturizing, softens skin texture, soothes skin and prevents irritation. Chamomile extract which increases skin's blood flow and circulation, revitalizes dull skin while is also Anti-inflammatory and accelerates cell and tissue renewal. And, let's not forget, coffee bean oil to combat those dreaded dimples. This soap bar comes in a beautiful natural exfoliating pouch which can also be used for travel.

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