This powerful duo presents beautifully in it's gift box. These products individually have a total retail value of $83.00 but is offered with savings in mind at the price of $67.00! Enjoy the incredible gentle exfoliating scrub that is sure to please with it's fine sea salts combined with a power house of essential oils. Our Hair and body serum is a game changer to your daily skin care regiment. Both products crafted with your wellness in mind with essential oils including sesame seed oil for deep moisturizing and a powerful antioxidant that also brightens the skin. Magnolia oil that smells fantastic which is also antibacterial, as well as nourishing to the skin and hair, is anti-inflammatory and calms the nerves while stimulating awareness. Squalane oil that is deeply moisturizing, softens skin texture, soothes skin and prevents irritation. Chamomile extract which increases skin's blood flow and circulation, revitalizes dull skin as well as anti-inflammatory and...accelerates cell and tissue renewal! Last but not least, we would never over look cellulite. Our scrub includes coffee bean oil to combat those dreaded dimples. Our scrub and serum are loaded with wellness ingredients and will leave your skin so nourished your skin will lack nothing after their use!

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