Colloidal Silver a true best kept secret that has been around for centuries. If inflammation of the skin or flesh wounds need repairing or if you need a new nourishing, natural antibacterial gel this is your secret weapon . Nano colloidal silver is known to be anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti inflammatory. We combined our Nano Colloidal silver with organic Aloe Vera gel which aids in healing and soothes the skin from top to bottom. Whether you suffer from scraps, burns, rashes, bug bites eczema, or psoriasis this powerful gel is sure to help. This should be a staple in every household as it calms and cools the skin leaving a clean finish to the skin no matter where it is applied. Colloidal silver is also know to help with killing the bacterial that causes body odor and also in aiding in the regrowth of tissues to help the skin repair itself.

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